Paid Ph.D. Positions in Norway with Monthly Salary

Study In Norway
  • PhD position in field of Epigenetics and skeletal muscle memory
  • PhD fellowship to Explore the role of mitochondria in inflammation – the zebrafish model
  • Pandemic Entanglements: The Political Ecology of Industrial Meat Production in the Pandemic Era
  • PhD Research Fellowship in Informatics
  • PhD Research Fellow in Using Artificial Intelligence and Remote Sensing for Wildfires Modeling.
  • PhD Fellow in Deep Learning and Satellite Remote Sensing within Maritime Applications.
  • PhD Fellow in Deep Learning and uncertainty estimation in predictive modelling.
  • PhD Position in Electric Power Engineering – Study of emerging integrated energy infrastructure in coastal areas.
  • PhD position in Multi-User, Multi-Device, and Multi-Service Coordination in a Digital Homecare Environment
  • PhD Candidate in multilingualism
  • PhD fellowship (three years) within animal nutrition and physiology
  • PhD Fellow in Psychology
  • PhD student in Medicine, epidemiology
  • PhD within Development of amine-based nanofluids with improved CO2 capture performance
  • PhD candidate within the field of manufacturing processes metal forming and aluminum extursion
  • PhD candidate within lifecycle performance and circular models of aluminum structural products
  • PhD within aluminium structural products based on increasing post-consumer scrap contents
  • PhD candidate within manufacturing processes, and aluminium structural products
  • PhD Research Fellow within the subject area of psychological and social difficulties
  • PhD candidate in Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment
  • PhD Fellowship in European Law
  • PhD Research Fellow in Linking early Planning and Design to Use and FM
  • PhD Candidate in English
  • PhD Candidate in Mathematics Education
  • PhD position in Cultural Studies
  • Three PhD fellowships in Mathematical Sciences.
  • PhD Fellow in Marketing and Experience Economy
  • PhD Fellow in Solid Earth Sciences.
  • PhD Fellow in Microalgae Mass Cultivation
  • PhD Fellow in Arctic Zooplankton Diversity Related to Functional Traits.
  • PhD Research Fellow in Meteorology
  • PhD within Design of Pickering emulsions for photocatalytic applications
  • PhD Candidate in Timber Structures
  • PhD Candidate within Nonvolatile Edge Computing with Ferroelectric Transistors
  • PhD research fellow in glacier modeling at the Department of Earth Science
  • PhD position (4 years)
  • PhD position (3 years)
  • PhD position (3 years)
  • PhD Fellow in 3D label-free microscopy
  • PhD candidate: Design for Sustainability – User Acceptance of Repurposed Lithium-ion Batteriesin
  • PhD scholarship within environmental performance of circular wood chains
  • PhD position within basic veterinary science
  • PhD Fellow in Accounting/Corporate Finance
  • PhD Position within Sustainable Repurposing and/or Recycling of Lithium-ion Batteries (LIBs)
  • PhD Fellow in Supply Chain Management
  • PhD Fellow in Marketing
  • PhD Fellow in Innovation and Regional Studies
  • PhD Fellow in Environmental-/Innovation Economics
  • PhD Research Fellow in Cybersecurity for 5G
  • PhD research fellowship in Arctic Terrestrial Biology
  • PhD position in assessing the impacts of marine plastic pollution in Norway with LCA
  • PhD Position in Biodiversity and Land-Use change
  • PhD Position in Enviromental gradients of hydropower impacts
  • PhD position in assessing the environmental impacts of future global hydropower expansion
  • PhD position connected to Plastic-free Norwegian waters–NTNU SUSTAINABILITY
  • PhD position in Marine Plastic pollution
  • PhD candidate related to plastics in coastal sediments
  • PhD position within Sustainable Repurposing and/or Recycling of Lithium-ion Batteries (LIBs) in Norway and EU – IV-247/21
  • PhD position in Mining Engineering – IV-248/21
  • PhD candidate – Modelling of competing water use and hydrological risks
  • PhD Candidate within Ocean Modeling and Marine Plastic Transport
  • PhD candidate within the field of sustainable innovation and entrepreneurship
  • PhD candidate within Interdisciplinary Cooperation for Sustainability
  • PhD position in biodiversity modelling and community ecology
  • PhD – Sustainable Built Environment – co-creating solutions for smart and sustainable transformation.
  • PhD candidate on the ecological impacts of deep-sea mining
  • PhD Position in Structural Engineering
  • PhD position in evolutionary ecology
  • PhD Position in Industrial Ecology
  • PhD Candidate – Environmental and Analytical Chemistry for analysing marine plastic waste.
  • PhD in marine ecology.
  • PhD Position in Digital Twin
  • PhD Candidate – Decision Analytics for Hydropower Reservoir Management
  • PhD Candidate within Automatic Data Acquisition, Detection and Classification and Data Mapping
  • PhD Candidate – The Economics of Deep Sea Mining
  • PhD candidate in STS with focus on sustainable hydropower development
  • PhD candidate “Inclusion and exclusion in smart, sustainable buildings, cities and neighbourhoods”
  • PhD position in modern history
  • PhD Candidate in impact assessment on biodiversity at a company level
  • PhD Candidate – Combining skills to identify the “Sweet Spot” to solve marine plastic pollution
  • PhD Position in Architecture
  • PhD Candidate in Sustainable Digitalization of Built Environments
  • PhD Candidate in Sustainable Digitalization of Healthcare Services
  • PhD Candidate in the Area of ICT for Sustainable Cities
  • PhD Candidate in Utilization of Flexible Hydropower in 100% Renewable Power Systems
  • PhD position in Sustainable Digitalization of Welfare Services
  • PhD Candidate in Interaction Design and Built Environments
  • PhD Candidate – Drawing to Learn in Science
  • PhD candidate in Closing the Battery Loop Using Pyro-hydro Metallurgy
  • PhD Fellowship in Geological Storage of Hydrogen
  • PhD in Biomechanics
  • PhD position: Attitudes and barriers to wider use of recycled wood
  • PhD fellowship in mathematical optimization
  • PhD in sustainable solutions; New sustainable solutions for CO2 storage & geothermal wells
  • PhD Candidate within the Area of “Renewable Energy:Is it possible for the energy system to be 100% renewable?”
  • PhD fellowship in mathematical signal processing
  • PhD Fellowship in Social Science – In-depth learning.
  • PhD Research Scholar positions – Department of Accounting, Auditing and Law
  • PhD Research Scholar positions – Department of Economics
  • PhD Research Scholar positions – Department of Business and Management Science
  • PhD Research Scholar positions – Department of Strategy and Management
  • PhD Research Scholar position – Labour Economics/Gender Economics/Management and Strategy
  • PhD Research Scholar position – Macroeconomics
  • PhD candidate in Numerical Methods for Optimization on Riemannian Manifolds
  • PhD Research Fellowship in Work and Organizational Psychology
  1. PhD Research Fellows in Music Business and Digitalization within Popular Music
  2. PhD Research Fellows in Electronic Music and Music Technology
  3. PhD Research Fellows in Artistic Research: popular music
  4. PhD Research Fellow  in Geophysics
  5. PhD Fellowship in Archaeology / Late Medieval History
  • PhD Fellow in Cross-Ecosystem Food-Web Responses to Climate Change: Freshwater and Terrestrial Ecosystem Linkages in the Arctic
  • PhD Position in materials for subsea power cables
  • PhD Position in supramolecular ferroics for efficient and recyclable electronics
  • PhD fellowship within fermentation of keratinous waste substrates
  • PhD Candidate on Cryo-Electric Propulsion Technologies for Future Zero-Emission Aviation
  • PhD position in Learning Analytics
  • PhD Research Fellow in Wireless Underwater Sensor Networks
  • PhD research fellowship within the project Critical Examination of Race and Racism in Teacher Education (CERiTE)
  • PhD position in Computational Social Science at the NEWSREC project
  • PhD candidate in experimental soft matter science related to food
  • PhD candidate in experimental soft matter science related to food
  • PhD candidate in experimental soft matter science related to food
  • PhD fellow in Law
  • PhD positions

General Requirements :

  • CV, certificates and diplomas 
  • transcripts and diplomas for bachelor’s and master’s degrees. If you have not completed the master’s degree, you must submit a confirmation that the master’s thesis has been submitted. 
  • A copy of the master’s thesis. If you recently have submitted your master’s thesis, you can attach a draft of the thesis. Documentation of a completed master’s degree must be presented before taking up the position. 
  • Name and address of three referees 
  • If you have publications or other relevant research work 

How to Apply?

Coast of getting admission is 1500-2500$ depending on the study program.

If you want to get the admission through Exchange Programmes Agency contact us

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