Talent Promotion Program, Germany


The Talent Promotion program of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom has been the liberal grantor of scholarships in Germany since 1973. We identify and empower talented university students to assume responsibility in politics, economy, science and the society and thereby use their own free spirits.

Who is Supported:

  • Top-notch student at a college or university.
  • Students who have courage to be a free thinker.
  • Students who are involved socially.
  • German and foreign students.
  • Capabilities and talent: We seek good to very good performance in specialty areas as well as multidisciplinary interests.
  • Personality: The crucial facets that count are dedication, motivation, decisiveness, readiness to take on responsibility, and getting involved in promoting a free society.
  • Liberal or social commitment: This means involvement in a student council, university committee, liberal political party, youth organization, ecclesiastic or social institution, human rights organization, cultural activities, environment protection, sports, within your family, or in a neighborhood help group.

Note: German language skills on a B2-level is required.


April 30th and October 31st each year.

Official Website: