Poland, Faculty of Economics and Management


The Faculty of Economics and Management is the University’s largest Faculty. Currently nearly 2,500 students pursue their intramural and extramural studies in the four highly popular major areas. The graduates successfully find themselves on the job market, quite frequently being offered top managerial positions.

The high quality of teaching is ensured by a large teaching staff supported by practitioners and foreign lecturers. The Faculty co-operates closely with academic centres abroad, which allows the students to complete part of their studies at universities in other countries. They can also pursue their passions and interests in 12 academic circles. Their members take active part in conferences, seminars, training sessions, study visits, academic events, conduct their own research and are co-authors of academic papers or scientific publications.

The Faculty’s students are involved in various implementation projects, hold meetings with VIPs, do volunteer work, and participate actively in all-University projects.

The Faculty is authorized to confer the Ph.D. title in Management Science.

Lectures and classes are conducted with the use of modern teaching methods and IT infrastructure. Some lectures are also available via e-learning and in the English language.

Four Popular Majors:

National Security – I and II cycle (intramural and extramural studies)
Economics – I and II cycle (intramural and extramural studies) 
Logistics – I cycle (intramural and extramural engineering studies)
Management – I and II cycle (intramural and extramural studies)

Starting Summer Term:

Feb 28, 2021

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