NASA Launches Entrepreneurs Challenge to Identify Innovative Ideas


NASA is announcing its 2021 Entrepreneurs Challenge to invite fresh ideas and new participants that will lead to new instruments and technologies with the potential to advance the agency’s science mission goals.

The agency’s Science Mission Directorate is seeking novel ideas that focus on priority areas for the commercial sector. The Entrepreneurs Challenge aligns with NASA’s goal to foster innovation and develop new technologies at lower costs while sourcing ideas from across the country with an emphasis on reaching out to underserved communities.

Successful participants will contribute ideas that advance the state of the art in three broadly defined science technology focus areas:

  • Small satellite capabilities to enable science.
  • Metamaterials-based sensor technologies.
  • Sample handling and processing technology for the detection of biomarkers in highly dilute samples.

To encourage entrepreneurs to participate in the challenge, the Science Mission Directorate will award finalists as much as $90,000 through a two-stage process

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